Slim Christmas Trees

Many families that celebrate Christmas each year dream of that big Christmas tree that adorns the living room for the holidays. They take turns decorating the tree and loading the presents underneath the tree.  However, there are some families that don’t have the space for a large Christmas tree. They have an option though – […]

When Should You Repaint Your Home?

As a homeowner, you eventually come around to asking when you can repaint your home. This is one of the most common questions contractors have to answer as well as Google. Any home that has cedar clapboard, aluminum siding, wood siding and trip, will one day have to be repainted. A good paint job lasts […]

3 Tips to Land Your First Job on Upwork

Upwork is arguably the largest global freelancing platform at the moment. But unless you’re a client, getting your first job can be relatively hard. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, not if you stick to these tips. Complete Your Profile This is the number one thing that potential clients look at before going […]