Why it pays to do your research before buying iPad accessories.

Since Apple launched the iPad in 2010, over 360 million of the devices have been sold worldwide. This figure is hardly surprising, walk into any café, take a look around and you will find someone on an iPad; working, studying or playing games. Like any other electronic device, most consumers will also buy accessories to go along with their new iPad.

While you could choose to kit out you iPad at your local electronics store, you can also save a bundle by first doing a little research online. ithingum provides a range of product reviews ranging from your standard iPad covers and screen protectors to some more unique accessories that you may not have even thought of. Discover all of the latest accessories including chargers, blue-tooth speakers, wireless keyboards, stylus pens and portable power banks. By doing your research online, you can find out all the pros and cons, as well as work out the best price before opening your wallet and splashing your cash.

Most electronics stores price match against their competitors to be able to advertise the lowest possible price on major brands electronic equipment. Think iPads, PCs and LCD TVs. Then they increase the price of the accessories that go with the major electrical item and this is where they make their profit margin. These increases can be up to a 200% mark up on the wholesale price that the store gets them for. While you might get the lowest possible price on an iPad, you could be paying a lot more than you need to on the cover, screen protector and blue tooth kit that the sales person manages to up-sell to you.

Sales people are trained to be very convincing too. They may tell you that their product is ‘genuine’ and to be wary of imitations. They may also offer you a ‘bundle’ deal if you buy it all today, selling you things that you didn’t even want. However, if you do your homework, you can almost certainly get a better deal. So, before you spend more than you need to in-store, why not spend 30 minutes online to check out what’s available and if you can get a better price.  You may also be able to find better brands, the latest accessories, and cool, original gadgets to impress your friends with.

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How to Electrify Your Solo Acoustic Shows

If you’re a solo acoustic artist, then you know that pleasing the crowd is not that easy. Some fans will love your music, others not so much. It gets worse if you’re a regular performer at a particular joint, say on weekends. But, with a little ingenuity, you can keep the audience entertained every time you hit the stage. Here’s how;

Invest in the Right Instrument

The biggest mistake you can make as a solo acoustic artist is to use the wrong instrument(s). Yes, guitars are terrific for these type of performances, but they’re not the only option. You must bring versatility into the game by trying out other instruments such as the ukulele. The idea here is to give your audience something to look forward to every time you perform.

The ukulele could very well be the missing link between a lively and boring show.  Even then, you must do some research before buying. Visit http://www.fourstringfun.com/beginners-buying-guide/ to learn more about what it takes to find a ukulele that will take your performance to the next level.

Understand Your Audience

Learn to judge your crowd before you start to perform. For instance, if the average age of the audience is around fifty, you must play a genre of music that resonates with them. In this case, you could go with country or classical music.

However, if the crowd is much younger, opt for something different. One of the best tricks that always work is to play current, chart-topping music but with an acoustic twist. That way, you can expect your audience to show up the next time you perform because they will be expecting something new. In simpler terms, try not to be predictable.

Add Humor to Your Performances

Playing what the crowd wants to listen to is one thing but keeping them hooked till the end of the show is entirely different. Nonetheless, you can blend your act with some humorous moments to give the audience a reason to stay. You may, for example, pause for a while to tell a joke that will make the audience laugh. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the crowds and see if you’ll spot something unusual and make fun of it.

In Conclusion

As a solo acoustic artist, you have to stand the test of time and try as much as you can to stay relevant. As a rule of thumb, be comfortable in your space.

Is taking sauna a correct way of losing weight?

The balanced food, sports loadings and the revitalizing procedures are popular package of measures for achievement of ideal proportions of a body. However, there is another one method that deserves separate mentioning. The sauna. You may not believe, but this method really works when combined with the abovementioned one.

The variety of types of sweating rooms surprises: Russian bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, Roman terms and modern infrared cabins. But only infrared sauna have deserved absolutely respect.

For one session of the visit of a sauna, it is possible to get rid about 2 kg of weight, but water in an organism restore quickly, and the percent of the lost fat in these kilograms will be minimum. If visit of a sauna becomes a habit, then and cells of a body will quickly get used to the best for themselves to a state.

For achievement of the correct result, all actions in a steam room have to be consecutive and measured, without special physical activities. That is why there is no need to make harsh action and do exercises. The blood circulatory system works in a bath with the maximum productivity that is considerable tension for the cardiovascular system. It is also not recommended to play sports just before the visit of a sauna, though the sauna best of all restores and removes the stress of muscles. Otherwise, there may be serious problems with heart in future.

Nobody knows how to take a steam bath in a sauna according to regulations. There is no identical thermal control of organisms. Everyone has its own threshold of high and low temperatures. The constitution of a body and a rhythm of removal of tension from muscles define the intensity of emergence of droplets of sweat on a body. It is essential to listen to your feelings, but not to follow fanatically all advice and rules.

At the correct approach, it is necessary to drink at least 2–3 liters of still mineral water. In a sauna, any liquid is drunk from small glass for once. It allows avoiding an excess load of kidneys. The not plentiful meal before bathing procedures has to be at least in 2 hours. It is impossible to take a steam bath both on full and by a hungry stomach – it increases the load of the heart

It is desirable to drink before a visit to a sauna a glass of juice with pulp. After the first calling a sweating room, the skilled people have sudorific tea from the mix of herbs. After the second calling there comes a time of vitamin collecting. Also after the adoption of procedures for completion of the water-salt balance of an organism, it is allowed.