Old age comes with problems such as arthritis, stroke, and injuries from to mention but a few. However, that shouldn’t translate to the end of good times. There are many ways you can have fun without moving around too much.

Take a Wooden Boat Show

A boat show involves watching performances at the lake shores from a wooden boat. You also get to enjoy tasty meals served to you right from the comfort of the boat. The idea is to allow you to get away from the hustles of the day and give your brain time to relax. Remember, exploring a variety of hobbies in old age has been linked to improving memory. It also allows you to stay sharp.


Reading is an exciting pass time activity for the elderly. Plus, it is a fun way to ensure that your mind remains engaged. Even more impressive, reading helps reduce stress, improve sleep and enhances your cognitive abilities.

You can read physical books or use an e-reader if you don’t have a problem with your eyes. On top of that, consider looking at photos in a bid to learn something new. You may even consider joining a book club.


You need to remain as mobile as possible, even in old age.  And, you don’t have to do anything rigorous. You can take a walk every morning or an afternoon swim if you have the energy. Consider investing in a yoga chair or a walker for stability. That way, you will maintain flexibility without swelling your ankles and feet.

Get Creative

It pays to get in touch with your creative side as a senior. So, get a drawing board or work on small sculptures. You can also create scrapbooks, organize your family photos or start to develop a family recipe book. Besides, repeated research has found out that being creative can help reduce the intensity of your chronic conditions. It also takes away anxiety and improves medical outcomes.

The Bottom Line

While you cannot prevent aging, you can spend good times in your sunset years. Be sure to surround yourself with happy people at all times. Watch what goes through your mouth and spend a lot for time outdoors. In other words, do everything that you can to relax.

Sit next to a big window and take a view of what is happening outside. On top of that, play games such as puzzles. And then there is the afternoon nap!