Did you know that Instagrammers post more than 60 million photos every day? And that more than 1.6 billion likes are handed out during the same period? In essence, this means that your content has to be on point to get likes and new followers. These Instagram marketing tidbits will help place you on the correct launch pad to make that happen.

Take Advantage of Paid Automation Tools

Listen, you need to do more than posting content that people will like on Instagram. In fact, the more tactful you are, the more the time you will get to explore other growth channels. Of course, automation tools take away the struggle of having to like or comment on every post made by your followers. Besides, you can use a scheduling tool to post content automatically at a predetermined time. In short, Instagram automation is a strategy that you must adopt if want to scale your brand. On that note visit Free Your Spine to view a collection of the best Instagram automation services you can use for your business.

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Instagram offers a variety of free tools that you can use to map out your marketing plan. Take Insights, for instance. Through this tool, you can view important statistics such as the level of engagement your posts are creating, impressions and so on. It even gives you a comprehensive breakdown of the demographics of your audience including their location, gender and active hours as well as age.

Post Product Teasers

Yes. You can sell your products or services on Instagram. In fact, Instagram is an excellent platform to advertise what you have to offer. And, if you master the art of doing it, you will not annoy your followers with ads. Never push anyone to buy your products. Instead, use product teasers to give potential customers a sneak peek of what to expect. Think of it as a way of creating anticipation without coming across as pushy. Make sure that your ads are as laid back as possible. One of the best ways to tease your audience is to offer a discount while using sharp imagery of what you are trying to sell.

In conclusion, your success on Instagram largely depends on how skillful you are as a marketer. So, spend some time honing your knowledge every day. You will be surprised how small tweaks can have a significant impact on your efforts to your brand stand out.