People can be extraordinarily photogenic beings.

Most people today enjoy having their pictures taken, looking perfect like a model. We like to strike the perfect pose, showing off our best features. Then, there are those who would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it. They are either born with the desire to capture beauty, or find a love for the ability to preserve images.

Jamiya Wilson is one of the latter, although he describes it a little differently. “It’s a tumultuous relationship but it’s one of the true constants in my life, which I appreciate.” Everything in life has it’s ups and downs, photography not excluded. However, it can be said that the beauty that is waiting to be captured is worth the effort.

Jamiya didn’t originally plan on being a photographer but after studying business administration, he decided he needed a change. After being out of school for a year, Jamiya chose to go back for something more creative. So, he ended up going to college to study the film industry.

The film class he was in had a basic photography introduction, in which they watched a documentary about a war photographer. His admiration of James Nachtwey’s dedication to preserving images in “War Photography” is what set Jamiya onto the path of professional photographer. The way James persevered in the extreme environments piqued his interest.

After having a falling out with his then current employer, Jamiya set out to start his own business. Jamiya went to the local mall with his girlfriend to get a bite to eat, when he picked up his first, official camera. Wanting to only work for himself finally seemed possible. Jamiya has since poured countless hours into researching photography, pursuing information about the craft.

Now, seven years later, he’s a well-renowned photographer, specializing in portraits both color and black and white. He captures the beauty to be had in the human form for all to see. His work is highly respected and stunning to behold. If you’re curious, go to his website at to see for yourself. With his talent and determination, having him take your photo is guaranteed to brighten your life.

In his pursuit, Jamiya has found something that he truly loves, something he enjoys doing. For him, photography is a real passion and it’s one he is thankful for. Being a master of lighting and with his skillful composition, Jamiya has left his mark on the world of photography.