You know there is on page SEO and off-page SEO, right? If not, don’t worry, on-page SEO is simply what happens on the web page you are making or visiting and off-page is what happens outside that page.

There is also technical SEO which affects the website as a whole, think about page loading times, themes, CSS, javascript and so forth. In this post, we are going to be focusing on on-page SEO instead, things you can do to your page to rank higher in Google as that’s our ultimate goal.

Let’s look at the best places to insert the keyword(s) you would like to rank for:

  • In the title of course, this is what people see first when they search in Google.
  • In your H1 tag, this is what they see first when they visit your actual page, and it’s also the first thing Google looks for.
  • The first paragraph, once again because Google crawls the page from top to bottom.
  • The last paragraph, I’m not exactly sure why but I guess because there’s nothing else to crawl anymore so as a reminder I suppose.
  • Most posts use H2 tags so it’s wise to add your keyword there as well.
  • Images have alt tags that you can use or title tags, it’s up to you to decide where your keyword fits best but do use it.

That are the basics that you should put in place, rather simple right?

There are more advanced ways to enhance your page and one of those ways is by using structured markup code. Google loves to see well-organized pages so give them what they want. The actual layout of the page also matters as there is this thing called user experience. The more the user likes it, the longer they stay on the page, and that results in a low bounce rate. All easy to gain win-win spots.

You might also want to link out to some other authority sites in your niche, turning your page into some sort of a hub, sharing is caring, and caring is what Google is all about (if you have to believe them on their word). In a certain sense that’s true as the more Google cares about their searchers the more they keep on using Google and the more advertising money rolls in so it all makes sense one way or another.

There are some other tricks to keep visitors longer on your page, for example you can add a puzzle (bold idea) or a video, every little thing helps!