Many families that celebrate Christmas each year dream of that big Christmas tree that adorns the living room for the holidays. They take turns decorating the tree and loading the presents underneath the tree.  However, there are some families that don’t have the space for a large Christmas tree.

They have an option though – the slim artificial Christmas tree.

Slim Fits

Many companies have seen the need for the slim Christmas trees. Some even specialize in these trees to help you enjoy the holiday to the fullest. These plastic plants are meant to take as little space as possible while still giving you the tree shape that is typical for Christmas. The tree is slim enough to stand in a corner of the room just like any other Christmas tree.

You enjoy the benefits of a Christmas tree without taking up all the space. You can use these trees creatively around the home. For instance, you can place a pair on both sides of the doorway or a fireplace, or around any other object that you would like to accentuate using the Christmas tree.

A Wide Variety

You can get these trees from Xmastree Express in a variety of styles. They can be created to look like different popular tree varieties such as fir, spruce, pine and many others. Apart from giving you a choice, these types allow you to have a real-looking tree. The only realism is that the tree isn’t freshly cut – it is made to last and last.

You can also choose from plain or pre-decorated trees. You can choose a plain tree if you plan to decorate it by yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to decorate the tree, you can go ahead and buy one that is already decorated. This is ideal if you are busy and you don’t have the time to decorate the tree.

Adding decorations to the tree allows you to get a fuller look. The decorations make the tree to look bigger and wider than usual. However much you decorate, you still enjoy the space-saving feature of these trees.


These trees don’t need maintenance and lasts as long as you want them to. You can use them in other ceremonies such as Easter.


If you are limited by space, the best tree to opt for is a slim Christmas tree. This tree takes up less space and allows you to get creative.