Are you a beginner who thinks that earning through blogging is somewhat risky? If you assume that it will not pay off, then you might be mistaken. After all, there are numerous sources of income for blogging:

Advertising Income

If you are familiar with or at least heard of the term “Google AdSense,” then it is only natural for you to know. After all, advertising income is most common for many bloggers. Advertisers will pay you for exposure to the audience, especially once you develop your brand and your traffic increases. Although you require a decent traffic for a direct deal with advertisers, you can opt for ad networks instead. These will act as your middleman and allow a beginner to run ads, which is overall suitable for people who want to get their feet wet.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income works by giving you a commission when you link to a product which is for sale on a different site, and someone clicks your link and purchases that product. This method of earning may also not be that bad for people who are just beginning to monetize their blogs. Furthermore, affiliate programs are simple to sign up for, and all you’ll need is an audience. Not that bad for a beginner, right?


Events are becoming a more common source of income for bloggers. Whether it is small meet-ups or large conferences, you can earn money either by charging readers or looking for an event sponsor. Although in the current age, online meetups are much more convenient, making them popular.

Other Sources of Income

A blogger can experiment with various ways to earn income, and that should apply to you as well. As long as there is a service you can offer, people can donate to you. Or, if your blog has decent traffic, you can opt for selling it to someone else. You may even write content for others, which is often called guest posting.

Others have different strategies for generating cash, and you can learn from them too. A recommendation for you would be it is a decent blog that teaches you how to earn.


Although blogs take quite a while before they begin to generate money, there are various earning sources for beginners. These include advertising, affiliate, events, and other income. All you have to do is pick one that you think is suitable for you, and then get started.