The balanced food, sports loadings and the revitalizing procedures are popular package of measures for achievement of ideal proportions of a body. However, there is another one method that deserves separate mentioning. The sauna. You may not believe, but this method really works when combined with the abovementioned one.

The variety of types of sweating rooms surprises: Russian bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, Roman terms and modern infrared cabins. But only infrared sauna have deserved absolutely respect.

For one session of the visit of a sauna, it is possible to get rid about 2 kg of weight, but water in an organism restore quickly, and the percent of the lost fat in these kilograms will be minimum. If visit of a sauna becomes a habit, then and cells of a body will quickly get used to the best for themselves to a state.

For achievement of the correct result, all actions in a steam room have to be consecutive and measured, without special physical activities. That is why there is no need to make harsh action and do exercises. The blood circulatory system works in a bath with the maximum productivity that is considerable tension for the cardiovascular system. It is also not recommended to play sports just before the visit of a sauna, though the sauna best of all restores and removes the stress of muscles. Otherwise, there may be serious problems with heart in future.

Nobody knows how to take a steam bath in a sauna according to regulations. There is no identical thermal control of organisms. Everyone has its own threshold of high and low temperatures. The constitution of a body and a rhythm of removal of tension from muscles define the intensity of emergence of droplets of sweat on a body. It is essential to listen to your feelings, but not to follow fanatically all advice and rules.

At the correct approach, it is necessary to drink at least 2–3 liters of still mineral water. In a sauna, any liquid is drunk from small glass for once. It allows avoiding an excess load of kidneys. The not plentiful meal before bathing procedures has to be at least in 2 hours. It is impossible to take a steam bath both on full and by a hungry stomach – it increases the load of the heart

It is desirable to drink before a visit to a sauna a glass of juice with pulp. After the first calling a sweating room, the skilled people have sudorific tea from the mix of herbs. After the second calling there comes a time of vitamin collecting. Also after the adoption of procedures for completion of the water-salt balance of an organism, it is allowed.